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26 02, 2020

Pesticide Safety Tips

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Always read the label and follow the instructions exactly. Never eat, drink or smoke while using a pesticide. Keep all pesticides in original containers with their labels clearly visible. You should store the containers in an airtight box to prevent breathing of the fumes. Wear long sleeves, long pants, socks, rubber shoes, goggles and gloves. Gloves [...]

24 02, 2020

Water Tips for Hot Weather

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The sun is out and the plants know it. Most of them now need more water than they have needed during the winter months. Some days it may feel like your arms are going to fall off or your back is going to break from hauling so much water. What can you do to get the [...]

24 02, 2020

Winter Weather and Foliage Damage

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We tend to use a few plants to decorate the exterior pots at building entrances that are a bit on the edge of their safe zone. Cold weather, wind and snow can damage or kill these plants. When the outdoor temperatures get so cold that soils freeze plants can't draw up moisture to their leaves. This [...]

19 02, 2020

Sooty Mold

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Sooty mold is gross. It forms a black deposit on the leaf surface that blocks out light and air movement. Severe attacks can turn entire leaves completely black. Eventually, it can cause a plant to die from lack of light. I've seen 20' Ficus with 50% of their leaves sticky, black and falling off. These then [...]

17 02, 2020

To Feed or Not to Feed

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The horrors of low light, offices too warm or too cold, and the indecisions of whether the Ficus really needs a drink this week are starting to fade as we enter early spring. Plants, in general, are coming out of their winter dormancy and we are on the cusp of the growing season for our beloved [...]

12 02, 2020

What Better Way to Say “We Love You”

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Some days, the difficulties of being in a customer service profession, like plantscaping can be overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like we can't ever fully satisfy our clients' needs. There are days when it can feel like each customer has too many plant problems and picky complaints that they all want to be solved NOW. You know [...]

10 02, 2020

Say it With Flowers

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Flowers have become associated with sentiments, often with the purpose of conveying amorous thought. In the 1600s in the ancient city of Constantinople (now called Istanbul), flowers gained meanings which enabled lovers to convey messages to each other without having to write or talk. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, a celebrated letter-writer and society poet who, in [...]

7 02, 2020

Fluoride Injury

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Fluoride toxicity is a common problem that mars the appearance of many foliage plants including ']anet Craig', 'Warneckif, 'Massangeana' cane, spider plant, Cordyline, parlor palm, Calathea, Maranta and Yucca. Often fluoride injury is so severe that replacement is required. One of the sources of fluoride is fluoridated municipal water, added to water to prevent tooth decay. [...]

5 02, 2020

Show Your Employees You Love Them

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Someone once told me that great managers treat their employees as they would their best customer. I have found this to be a concept that works well for everyone involved. Loyal dedicated employees are a company's greatest asset. Who better to promote your company to your clients than one directly associated with its workings and ideals? [...]

3 02, 2020

Cymbidium Orchids… Rare Beauties

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One of the most beautiful (and most expensive) orchids to use in interiorscapes is the Cymbidium orchid. Because of their expense, I always hope to get at least four weeks of bloom time out of them in an account. But sometimes that doesn't work out; in a week they are dropping all of their blooms. Do [...]