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Plant Knowledge

21 08, 2019

Top 10 Reasons Why Plants Fade

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You walk into your favorite account looking forward to caring for your longtime plant friends. To your surprise you notice that some of them are starting to fade, slowly losing their healthy luster. What the heck is going on? Here are the top ten reasons why plants wither and slowly die in the interiorscape. The plant's [...]

19 08, 2019

Soil Basics

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How do you decide how to properly water a plant? Do you check the color of the soil? Do you lift the pot to determine how heavy it is? Do you utilize a moisture meter, a soil probe or your finger? Whatever method you use, accurate watering requires understanding soil and how it affects plant growth. [...]

16 08, 2019

Seasonal Shifts Affect Plants and People

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September is a month of changes for our interior plants. The plants are able to sense the changing light levels outside and respond by a marked shift in their water needs and growth habits. This change happens very suddenly, overnight it often seems. In a similar sense the coming of fall in September affects people with [...]

14 08, 2019

Anthuriums for Foliage Color

By |2019-04-30T10:10:11-07:00August 14th, 2019|Categories: Plant Knowledge, Plant Technician Skills|0 Comments

Anthurium For many people, Anthuriums are best known as a source of showy cut flowers, grown in Hawaii and sent home to us on the mainland from a vacationing relative. Most Anthurium species though, of which there are over 500, do not have showy flowers. These many species of Anthurium grow in tropical jungles, [...]

12 08, 2019

Acclimating New Plants

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Tropical plants are less susceptible to infestations and disease pathogens when they are acclimated to the lower light and humidity levels found in interiorscape environments. Though many plants are grown in partial shade or have been shade-conditioned by growers before shipping, others are shipped directly from high light and high humidity conditions. When they first arrive [...]

5 08, 2019

Aralias Varieties

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Dizygotheca elegantissima - False aralia Dizygotheca elegantissima (False aralia) Dizygotheca (di-zi-go-thee-ka) from the Greek meaning, 'twice yoked' refers to the flower's anthers having 4 lobes — twice the normal number; elegantissima (ay-le-gan-tis-ima), meaning 'most elegant,' refers to the plant's graceful appearance. This narrow upright aralia produces few lateral branches; pots contain multiple single-stemmed plants [...]

31 07, 2019

The Function of Leaves

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During your early days of horticulture, you may not see all of the differences in the leaves of plants, but as you mature in the field you begin to notice them more and more. Some leaves are small and hairy while many are large and flat. Why are there so many shapes, sizes, colors and textures? [...]

29 07, 2019

Know Your Growing Media

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The media interiorscape plants are grown in varies from grower to grower and plant to plant. Each specialized mix differs in its water-holding capacity, ability to retain nutrients and rate of decomposition. Recognizing the amendments in the mix helps you understand the impact media has on the health of the plants in your care. Basic functions [...]

24 07, 2019

Becoming a Watering Expert

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Water has a special property. Its molecules stay together in lumps and attach to each other, and when lumped together, they form anything between puddles to our rivers and oceans. Plant roots tap into these grouped molecules in the soil and drink. What many people (and even some plant technicians) do not know though, is that [...]

22 07, 2019

That’s Just the Way the Plant Leans

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Ever notice plants listing towards a window or light source? The entire plant strains in one direction. They look as if they are "looking out the window" or perhaps listing like a boat that is unbalanced. If not corrected a boat may sink. A plant that is listing will continue to grow lopsided, look unattractive and [...]