Time-saving tips are invaluable

Does it feel like there is never enough time to get everything done? We can help! Here are 25 time-saving tips gathered from interior plant technicians all over the world. Incorporate these tips into your daily routine and save some precious time!

  1. Plan your visits to job sites in an orderly manner. Learn which are the quickest driving routes between accounts.
  2. Load your truck accordingly with plants/water machine.
  3. Fill your vehicle with gas at the beginning of the day.
  4. Have a small notebook to write things down as you think of them rather than trusting you will remember later.
  5. Keep moving. Avoid just standing around and chit-chatting.
  6. If there is a large concentrated group of plants, do one task at a time – groom first, clean, shine, then water…
  7. If using a water machine, use a wand and hose to water plants directly.
  8. While the water machine is filling, groom plants nearby, fill out paperwork and use the restroom.
  9. Before arriving at an account, think of all the things you will need to minimize trips back to the van. Carry your tool kit in with you.
  10. Carry a small sprayer of soap and water in your bucket so you have it with you at all times. Have a sponge in there too.
  11. Keep tools clean and sharp.
  12. Wear a tool belt or apron, and make sure it’s stocked with items needed for service.
  13. Use sub-irrigation, especially in conference rooms and hard to get to locations. You should be able to service these every other week. In some cases certain plants without sub-irrigation can go two weeks without water.
  14. If dealing with plants at several floors of elevator lobbies, start at the top of one and work your way down    using the stairs.
  15. Talk to your service contact at the beginning of your visit to see if there’s something they want taken care of instead of finding out at end of service.
  16. Don’t do everything on every plant every week. Prioritize pruning, cleaning, etc. and do a thorough job each time.
  17. Focus on correct watering, not trimming, i.e. if plant is tipping-check saucer to be sure there’s no standing water.
  18. With many plants it’s best to remove the entire leaf (and petiole) vs. trimming off brown edges and tips – Ficuspothos, and D. marginata.
  19. Keep plants and soil clean and you will have less pest problems. Wipe them clean with tube socks worn over your hands and arms.
  20. Don’t overwater. Too much water leads to other problems.
  21. Don’t obsess over a small sick plant. Replace it rather than continually spending too much time caring for it.
  22. Set a time goal for each account and wear a watch.
  23. Do the most important part of the account first.
  24. Carry two buckets for small accounts. Use a water machine on accounts over six buckets.
  25. Don’t pour out extra water left over from the last account. Carry it with you in your vehicle to your next stop.

Follow these tips on your next account visit and never waste a precious second again!