Fragile – Handle Plants With Care

When transporting and installing flowering plants, it is important to protect their delicate blooms. Their life expectancy will be shortened if the plants are not handled properly from the time they leave the greenhouse or warehouse until they reach their new home on your account.

Transporting flowering plants

  • Plant sleeves should extend 2-3″ above the tips of the plant to provide complete protection for flowers.
  • Take care not to crush sleeved plants: lateral branches of plants such as poinsettias and chrysanthemums are delicate and will easily break off if bumped or handled roughly.
  • Temperature extremes during transport may cause wilting , foliage drop and discolored flowers. Keep temperatures between 50F- 70F.
  • Do not leave poinsettias in sleeves for more than 24 hours. Prolonged storage causes the plant to produce ethylene. Excess ethylene results in epinasty, a condition characterized by droopy bracts and leaves.

Installing your flowering plants

  • Remove sleeves b y gently tearing or cutting along the seam.
  • Remove damaged stems, leaves or flowers. Remove spent blooms or yellowing foliage.
  • Check moisture level of growing media. Plants should be evenly moist. Be aware that newly installed flowers use more water the first week. Remove any excess water water that may be standing in saucer.