• Foliage plants with bright, strong colors and variegation (crotons, for instance) require warm temperatures and lots of bright sunlight to keep their markings and intense colors.
  • Clivias need three months of dormancy or artificial drought to produce a flower bud. The bud will form about one month after normal watering is resumed.
  • Certain flowering plants will last better in cool temperatures. These include azalea and cyclamen. Try them in cool lobbies.
  • If you have a hanging plant over a computer or other machine that dripping water could damage…try this. Place a ring of ice cubes around the rim of the container. They will melt slowly, giving the soil a chance to absorb the moisture evenly. Better yet, move the plant to a safer location if possible.
  • Contrary to common belief, African violets do not need a rest from blooming once a year. If they have enough light, water and food, they will bloom all year. It is best to water into the saucer to avoid spilling cold water on the foliage for it will leave marks.
  • Styrofoam peanuts seem to always drift to the top of containers and planters if left loose. To help keep them in place, bag them up into 1′ cubes by using old plastic grocery bags from the store. Just fill bags with peanuts and tie them shut. This is a great way to recycle used styrofoam as well as the bags.
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    When it’s your time to repot a thorny cactus, protect yourself!! Wear thick leather gloves and wrap the cactus in a pad made of newspapers tied or rubber banded over the thorns. Be sure to wear protective eye gear too.