Going green is easy

As part of the Green Industry we need to lead the way to help our world get going greener.

  1. Carry a cloth bag for your leaf scraps and trimmings and then empty it in greens compost bins now available in many commercial buildings. If no such bin exists take to your vehicle and empty into a greens bucket in your van and then dump the bucket at end of day back at your offices.
  2. Save money and go green with a reusable trash bag for plant refuse such as those from New Pro Containers. This stay open bag, velcro connects to your belt loop for easy attachment and removal. It is made of water resistant material and can be used for a variety of uses. Use for storing debris, to have a hands free way to carry a can of leafshine,  or for carrying a bit of moss to add to that one plant that is a bit too thin on top.
  3. Stop wasting money on plastic bags that harm the environment. Instead use this portable, stay open, reusable trash bag today. It comes in four sizes; I carry two different sizes with me. The larger one I use for exterior, the smaller for interior use.

I find it actually speeds me up to have this bag with me while I service. I can quickly drop my clipping into the bag and keep moving until I come to a compost bin where I empty it feeling good about my part to save the planet.