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Yearly Archives: 2016

1 11, 2016

Spotlighting: Dracaena fragrans canes

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Spotlighting: Dracaena fragrans canes What plant type tolerates low humidity and 50fc of light, sports designer stripes, comes in a variety of shapes and heights and has few pest problems? None other than our old friend Dracaena fragrans and the popular variety ‘Massangeana,’ commonly called the cornstalk plant! Originally from Upper Guinea, most of our fragrans [...]

1 11, 2016

Maintaining Holiday Flowering Plants

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Maintaining Holiday Flowering Plants Holiday Poinsettia Wreath During the holiday season, interiorscapers transform ordinary offices into festive workplaces with decorations and flowering plants. To keep the delicate blooms looking their best, follow these guidelines. Keep them moist Most flowering plants have extensive fibrous root systems that require constant moisture. Plants in flower do not [...]

1 11, 2016

Encourage New Cane Plant Growth

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Encourage New Cane Plant Growth Want to force new whorls of foliage on your Dracaena fragrans canes? Here’s a tip from Joe Cialone of Tropical Ornamentals, Delray Beach, Florida. Using awides aw blade, make a cut above a dormant bud at a node on the cane. Cut 1/3 into the cane to ensure the flow of [...]

1 11, 2016

Energy Tips for Interior Plant Technicians on the run

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Energy Tips for Interior Plant Technicians on the run or not! The demands of the holiday season — office parties that interfere with maintenance schedules, extra deliveries, late night installations and thousands of red poinsettias — place extra stress on your body and push your energy level to its limit. Before the extra demands creep into [...]

1 11, 2016

Fragile – Handle Plants With Care

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Fragile - Handle Plants With Care When transporting and installing flowering plants, it is important to protect their delicate blooms. Their life expectancy will be shortened if the plants are not handled properly from the time they leave the greenhouse or warehouse until they reach their new home on your account. Transporting flowering plants Plant sleeves [...]

1 11, 2016

Obscure Poinsettia Trivia

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Obscure Poinsettia Trivia 1. Poinsettias were introduced to America in 1825 by Ambassador Poinsett, the US ambassador to Mexico. What was ambassador Poinsett’s first name? Where was he born? 2. In the early 1900’s Paul Ecke produced America’s first crop of poinsettias for retail sale. Name the first cultivars used in commercial production. 3. Most poinsettias [...]

1 11, 2016

The Teamwork Challenge

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The Teamwork Challenge Most interiorscape technicians spend their day working by themselves. If your work style is similar, then you work with out constant supervision and rely on your own horticultural skills to get the job done. When you’re on your own, independence and self-reliance are critical skills. But when you’re assigned to a team, these [...]