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To avoid spreading insects in an account, service the troublesome area last. Even though you clean your scissors and wash your hands, it’s never enough.

That insect could be hiding in your apron pocket!

Pest Lifestyles: Piercing and Sucking Bug

Pest Lifestyles: Piercing and Sucking Bug  The insect damage most frequently found on interiorscape plants comes from piercing and sucking pests. To understand why these pesky critters find our plants to be so attractive, let’s [...]

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A Fountain of Youth for Plants When Hurricane Andrew hit the Dade County area of Rorida, August, 1992, it wiped out acres of tropical plants. by Teena Risley Lorem ipsum dolor [...]

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Fragile – Handle Plants With Care

Fragile - Handle Plants With Care When transporting and installing flowering plants, it is important to protect their delicate blooms. Their life expectancy will be shortened if the plants are not handled properly from the [...]

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