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Tropical Plant Technician Under New Management

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Training Resources

for Interiorscape Professionals

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Plantopia's experienced horticulturalists are pleased to offer top-quality professional educational resources for plant enthusiasts, professional interiorscapers, and horticulturists.

Our collection of training material and back issues of the TPT newsletter, are the result of the dedication by Virgina Powers of Garden Tapestry, Inc. in Seattle and her staff's effort for more than twenty years.
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Training Resources from Tropical Plant Technician

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Tropical Plant Technician features plant care tips and techniques as well as news and advice about succeeding in the interiorscape industry.

In ten issues each year,
TPT spotlights plant varieties and how to care for them, plant problems—how to diagnose and cure them, and strategies for monitoring plant health.

TPT also covers client relations, safety procedures, and other issues that plant professionals deal with each and every day.
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Check out our training aid Interiorscape Basics. It introduces your employees to the basics of horticulture and plant health management.

This illustrated plant care guide is filled with maintenance tips and watering guidelines for over 25 plants.

Its compact size makes it a perfect on-the-job reference, too.